UE Roll Vs UE Roll 2

The UE Roll has been many people favorite speaker of 2015. In 2016 UE launched its newer version of Roll with Roll 2. This speaker is said to have some improved features if compared to its previous version. If you are interested on buying new speaker, we will introduce you to the Roll and Roll 2, to help you decide which to purchase.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is UE Roll and UE Roll 2
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– UE Roll vs UE Roll 2

About UE Roll
UE Roll is a Waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears that was released back then in 2015. This speaker is waterproof and has a shape somehow similar to UFO and has come in various different color. The UE Roll is the third wireless Bluetooth speaker released under UE line. This speaker is said to be released to follow the step of its two big brother the UE Boom and UE Megaboom that has cylindrical design. This speaker also replaced the UE Mini Boom after its retirement.

When you look at this speaker for the first time, you will be captivated by its design, because it is indeed pretty unique. As it have been mentioned above, the speaker is look like a UFO with a flat side, while most of Bluetooth speaker out there are shape like box, such as the UE Mini Boom. The Roll has a measurement about 5.3 x 1.6 in disc. To make it more appealing, UE released it in six colors; Reef (blue & green), Pinata (red & blue), Atmosphere (blue), Volcano (charcoal), Sugarplum (purple), and Sriracha (orange and red).

UE Roll Features
As it have been mentioned earlier, UE Roll is waterproof Bluetooth that was IPX7 certified, it means that you can submerged the speaker under water for about 30 minutes with no worry. The input such as micro USB port for charging battery and 3.5mm auxiliary input is covered with a flap on the back of the speaker to protect it from water. Roll are not able to float, however UE will give you an inflatable life preserver, so you can still able to hang together when you go swimming. You can place the UE Roll by hanging it in anything using its bungee cord.

When you hear the sound that produced by UE Roll. You will be amazed because for its size the speaker is able to hold together at higher volumes. The speaker will impress you with its acoustical material and also very strong midrange, while vocals are coming across warm and clear. The battery life is also awesome, UE claims that Roll able to stay up to 9 hours, but some people stated that the speaker able to stay for about 10 hours and still left about a quarter of the battery life.

About UE Roll 2
UE Roll 2 is the new speaker released by UE in recent years, the unit was released in 2016 to be exact as a sequel of the UE Roll. Taken from cnet, the UE Roll 2 offer us some new improvements over the original UE Roll. The company claims that the UE Roll 2 is capable of producing 15% louder sound than its previous version. It also has longer wireless connectivity at 30 meters, the life preserver we get in Roll will also include at the box, whether you are purchasing directly from them or their reseller. You can read our previous articles if you are interested on other Ultimate Ears speaker.

UE Roll 2 Features
Similar to its previous version the Roll 2 is also IPX7 certified, so you can submerged it 1 meter under water for about 30 minutes. The speaker will not float, but with the “Floatie” accessories you will be able to bring it together when swimming and place place the speaker above the water.

As it have been stated above earlier, one of the key improvements on Roll 2 is the extended wireless. With this new speaker you can connect the speaker further and the connection will remain steady. If compared to Roll, Roll 2 is definitely have better bass, however sometime it will sound thin with some tracks. But for a speaker this size, you can say that the delivery is pretty good. It has clear mids and highs and a bit muddy low end that might be caused by the waterproof but you will not have a problem with vocal tracks.

UE Roll Vs UE Roll 2

UE RollUE Roll 2
BrandUltimate EarsUltimate Ears
Key Features- Powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth speaker-small and lightweight so you can blast your music out loud everywhere - Waterproof (IPX7 rated) life-resistant shell designed for adventure ( Waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter)- Big, bold, beautiful sound: Sound so loud you will have to shout to be heard; 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL - Stretchy, attachable marine-grade bungee: Strap the speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or wherever else you want to take your music

Ratings3.9 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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When comparing both of them physically, it is hard to find the difference between UE Roll and UE Roll 2, because they are practically similar in appearance. UE only add more variants of color to Roll 2 to differentiate it from Roll. However the difference are the inside performance. Roll 2 has been improved in some features, such as the wireless range, which is clearly better and it also able to produce louder sound than Roll. Another interesting thing is when you purchase Roll 2, you will get the “Floatie” even if you purchase them from their reseller, so can make the speaker float directly from out of the box. If you don’t mind spending little bit more, we recommend you the UE Roll 2.

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