Zoom R16 Vs R24

Zoom R24 and Zoom R16 are digital devices that are used for making quality studio recordings such as track recording, creating quality music, audio mix. These two devices come also with digital audio workstation controller which is a software that enhances mixing in the box and enables audio editing of videos. However these two devices have common features as well as differences.

Zoom R16 Vs R24

Simply by considering their names, definitely there must be differences in the specs and compatibility.The count of track recordings is the first key difference between the two,that is,R24 has the capacity to record 24 tracks while the R16 can only record 16 tracks. However a common feature is evident in that two R16s can be linked together through their ports to perform simultaneously and the R24 also possess this capability. In addition both are sampler machines, sequencers and have a computer audio interface.

These two devices have inbuilt drum pads and drum sounds. The number of drum sounds corresponds to the number of tracks the device can record,that is, the Zoom R24 has 24 and R16 has 16 drum sounds. These sounds can be triggered while the user is recording and have the advantage that one can load customized samples onto the drum pads to hit his taste. Both can be used to record voice for making slideshows and video production.

Zoom R16 Vs R24

Zoom R16Zoom R24
Key Features- 16-channel playback, 8-channel simultaneous recording - 48V phantom power available on 2 tracks - The R16 comes preprogrammed with 135 types of digital effects for recording, mixing, and mastering - Records on up to 32GB SDHC cards for maximum recording time - Eight balanced XLR-1/4-Inch combination inputs- Equipped with a set of built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser mic - Capture sound effects, speeches and dialog with excellent clarity - Connect two R24s via USB for 16 tracks of simultaneous recording - Record Scratch tracks and overdub voiceovers in post-production - Onboard phantom power with high-quality Mic preamps and vocal effects

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It is without doubt that the two devices share a lot but in terms of features, capability and compatibility there must be the superior one. Quite clearly it goes without saying or objection that the R24 breaks the record.The features that makes R24 superior of the two is the number of recordings it can make. It makes 24 while R16 makes 16. Secondly the number of in built drum sounds exceeds those of R16 and has also 8 drum pads. R24 has a higher sampling functionality and a better audio interface. In conclusion for Zoom R16 Vs R24, the R24 wins.

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