ZVOX 220 Vs 320

There are a number of factors to consider about when choosing a soundbar for complementing your comfortable hearth. For example, the size, the price, the connectivity options, and the performance. Based on these criteria, we will introduce our duelists today: ZVOX 220 and ZVOX 320. They come from the same price class, with just something like ten dollars in difference. Which one holds the better value?

ZVOX 220 Vs 320

Size and Connectivity
ZVOX 220 is smaller than ZVOX 320, even going as far as being claimed as the world’s smallest home theater system. It is also lighter than its contender. If the available space around your telly set is your primary concern, then the 220 will be a decent solution. Even so, you should understand that the 220 can hold TV up to 40 lbs only while the 320 can hold TV up to 50 lbs – in case that you need to put the soundbar directly under. However, about connectivity, they provide the same level of convenience as they come with similar numbers of port choices. No, they don’t have built-in Bluetooth.

It is safe to say that ZVOX 320 boasts the better performance here. With 40W amp, the 320 can sound noticeably louder than the 220. Of course, the stronger the sound, the more the intensity of our audio experience. The rest of the weapons are identical: three 2” main speakers and one 5.25” subwoofer.

ZVOX 220 Vs 320

ZVOX 220ZVOX 320
Key Features- World's Smallest Home Theater System - Surround Sound Without Multiple Speakers & Wires - Super-Clear Vocals - No External Subwoofer - Everything's Built-In - "Loud Commercial Control" Feature- Surround Sound Without Multiple Speakers & Wires - No External Subwoofer - Everything's Built-In - Great Computer Sound System - Fits Under Your Monitor - Super-Clear Vocals - Front-Panel iPod/Portable Connection

Ratings4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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With just a slight price increment for a better performance, in general, ZVOX 320 is certainly the better way to go to than ZVOX 220. However, not that it is very big, but make sure that its size fits in your place. If not, then you need to opt for the 220.

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